8 Masterful Tips For SEO

The main idea behind ranking well on Google (SEO) is to analyze the top ranked competitions websites for your chosen keywords to find out exactly what they are doing and then do those things, BUT to do it just a little better - to one up them in order to obtain a better ranking. Sound Simple? Actually, it is!

Here are a few simple steps that you can take to optimize your web for best results with Google and the other search engines.

One: Do NOT try to optimize your web page for the number one searched keyword. The competition is way to fierce and unless you have a huge site and a tremendous amount of experience it just won't work. If the top 5 websites for a specific keyword have a Google Page Rank of 6 or higher, it's probably not best to shoot for that keyword until you build some momentum and get some initial traffic from the easier ranking keywords with less competition. Keep digging for keywords and you will find the exact right mix for your site.

Two: Use your main keyword in the title of your page. I'm referring to the meta tag title in this instance – the name that shows in the tab in your browser. Make it as short as possible, while still using the main keyword phrase.

Three: Use your main keyword in an “h1” header tag. Google looks for this and you gather “points” if it's utilized. The “h1” header tag should be as far towards the top left hand side of the page as possible. When Google “reads” a web page, it looks at the text beginning at the top left hand side of the page, and then follows down to the bottom right hand side of the page. Remember, for best optimization, use your main keyword phrase in this “h1” tag.

Four: Use your second best keyword phrase in an “h2” tag and place it somewhere near the top half of your page.

Five: In addition to hyperlinking your keywords within the text on your page – make sure that you also bold, italicize and/or underline them. Once you have finished writing your page copy, you should go through and bold, underline, or italicize some of the keywords – but only 1 time each, maximum! Only do 1 per keyword or it will hurt you more than it helps.

Six: Use images and MAKE SURE that you use the “alt” tag so that the search engines can “read” your images. (Search engines can't really read images, so it's imperative that you use the “alt” tag and use your keywords – it doesn't show on your page until a visitor hovers over the image and yet it is tremendously helpful for SEO

Seven: Make sure that MINIMALLY, your main keyword is within the first sentence of your page AND the last paragraph or sentence.

Eight: Write your copy with a keyword density of NO MORE than 3-5%. You MUST provide useful, original and READABLE copy for your visitors. Google is getting better and better at finding spam pages and yours will suffer in the rankings if your keyword density is to high. Mix your 3-4 keyword phrases evenly throughout the page.

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USA SEO Pros Increases Staff for Increased Demand

Demand for new site builds has gone through the roof lately for USA SEO Pros and the SEO and Design teams are at the moment full. Bringing in a new content writer, the Operations Manager Steve Howe has full confidence in the writing ability of the new hire.

“I’ve watched his typing speed and accuracy and it’s definitely going to help when we get clients upgraded to newer systems and packages.” Quoted from the Operations Manager, “having a new mind certainly does broaden the writing styles when we need just the right keyword penetration, but not going into the realm of being too repetitive.”

The sales team, putting out more sales than ever, are making sure that the new hire is going to have quite a bit of work on his hands. USA SEO Pros has walked him through the content requirements so that every bit of literary work is as good as it should be when placed into the campaign page. The utmost consideration needs to be taken so that the content is written to spec and that no keyword is left behind. Giving each site a greater fighting chance to strive to the top of search engines.

With the requirements made clear, the new content writer has been steadily working to help pick up what the others simply can’t due to the number of site builds and campaign pages that the sales team pushes back. The USASEOPros team is gearing up for a stream of clients.

USASEOPros has been and is consistently pushing forward with the content requirements, presenting challenges and goals for content writer and SEO tech alike. All for the greater good of better SEO practices.

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New SEO Tag "canonical url tag"

New SEO Tag "canonical url tag" on Canonicalization

Last Fortnight Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft announced support for a new link element to clean up duplicate urls on sites.

The 3 Major search engines Google. NSN and Yahoo have come together to support a new meta tag.

It is very rare that three Big Boss join up on the same thing. It must be something good, right?

Reduce the Negative Impact of Duplicate Content from Canonical URL's

The new meta tag deals with the canonicalization issue deals with multiple url paths that reference the same content.

What is a canonical issues ?

For those of you who don’t know about canonical issues ;it is effectively a tag to deal with multiple pages with the same content
but with different tracking codes. The new tag also helps to reduce duplicate content problems.

An example of this would be:


Here is how the meta tag looks it should be placed in the head and will contain one URL all link values would be awarded to the URL stated.

This simply works just like your other meta or link tags for CSS / link tags,it means that you need to add the respectively to open and close the tag, the dynamically generated url parameters and the page itself are all pointing back to the original, which means your pages are no longer fighting amongst themselves as duplicates.

The Canonical URL tag attributes is similar in so many ways to a 301 redirect from an SEO perspective.

In true sense, you're telling the search engines that multiple pages should be considered as one (which a 301 does), without actually redirecting visitors to the new URL

From a Experienced SEO view that perspective duplicate content can seriously hurt your website page rankings my by including the canonical tag you can reduce the amount of duplicate content.

Ensure that all duplicate URL’s or pages are under one folder then you can inform search engines using the canonical tag that the contents in the folder is meant to be duplicated and the URL you state in the tag will receive all the SEO link power that’s currently mushroomed across the duplicate URL’s and will help your several duplicate content penalty issues at large.

This new SEO canonical tag will helps to avoid all duplicate content issues and can be a great help for all of those using ID sessions, use sorting options of their products which cause presenting the same
content on different URL addresses. It’s a great leap towards cleaning the search engine indexes from copies or duplicates of the same content.

Well done Big boss of search engines!

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What makes a link builder an “Expert”

Link building is not as easy as it may seem. For a link builder, it’s a time consuming and challenging job. It involves a large number of links to make your brand and only one link to break your brand. Therefore, link builders have to be smart and attentive.

Someone who involves in link development is called a link builder either exchanging links, buying and selling links or baiting links through content. Therefore, like other marketing experts, link builders must possess some skills that can make him/her an Expert.

Knowledge of Domain - Link building is data intensive because of the amount of research and tracking it requires. If a link builder has good knowledge of the domain, it can help him to gather quality resources for link. A link builder has to understand the domain specifically, so that he can analyze linking effect for each domain.

Understanding of Quality - Every link does not pay equally. Link builder has to understand that one quality link could be much better than 100 low quality links. A link from low quality or non-indexed sites can be a worthless effort.

Like others, for a link builder time management is of paramount importance. And hence he should devote his valuable time for right thing (quality link) and in a right manner (using the best techniques).

Good writing skills-In online marketing, where you can not make your presence verbally communication through writing is the only option. For a link builder, good writing skills include being able to convey message effectively and convince others for your work.

Link builder's job includes too much communication with site owners, webmasters and customers. Thus, link builder must have the ability to represent a website in the best possible way.

Hardworking and tactical – Link building is an ongoing process which requires hard work in each and every effort such as data collection, sending mail for link exchange, adding links etc. All these efforts require hard work for better implementation.

Not every time you can receive good response by following the predefined activities, and there you need to use few tactics to get a result. Here, the tactical skills of a link builder come into consideration. Link builder should be able to deal with people in a sensible and tactful manner.

A link building campaign success totally depends on link builder’s skills. Thus for a link builder, it’s advisable to develop and improve these skills with time and become an “Expert”.

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Opt-in Email Advertising

In this World of Information Technology, spamming is a grave matter of concern to be taken into the consideration. Email marketing without permission brings about a great potential risks. Anti-spam campaigns have been held-out by the major Internet service providers (ISPs) such as: America Online, Yahoo!, MSN Hotmail and others to penalize those who are accounted for spamming thingy.

Many businesses are employing Opt-in email advertising in their Business so as to stay away from a spamming (bulk/unsolicited mails). Opt-in email simply denotes that the user has agreed to accept the advertisements and information regarding the business newsletters, coupons for particular services, or messages declaring about the new products or of sales events.

With spamming, email marketing seems to be not happening in the Internet. But with Opt in list, Online Business can boost-up their bottom-line of the business through means of an email marketing without loosing sleep on being accused of spamming.

Email marketing is one of the easiest, fastest, cost-effective and convenient way to market your company as well as your products. And as a result, you will be coming-out with the flying colors as you can generate income and cement the customer relationships. There are two types of Opt-in email advertising which has to be considered when putting-up the opt in list.

Single opt-in Advertising: In building single opt-in list, online businesses would simply use a “sign-up tag” in their web sites so that whenever a person visits their website, they can opt to subscribe in the business’ email list.

Confirmed opt-in Advertising: It entails a confirmation message after the customer had subscribed to the particular web site’s email list.

In order to be successful in this virtual world of Internet Marketing, Opt-in list is must with the email marketing. And apart from this, one should follow the rules of a Federal Trade Commission obediently on the subject of the advertising and spamming.

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Website SEO Services

Website SEO services help to promote your business website among online users through leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista. Website SEO assists online customers to locate products and services quickly without making much effort.

Optimizing Web Pages Can Produce Outstanding Results

In order to be triumphant in online business, you need to have websites which can be easily located by search engines. Since net surfers usually conduct searches through search engines, achieving top rankings in search result pages is important.

Through website SEO you can reduce the expenses involved in advertising your products and services through other mediums. With the website attaining higher rankings, considerable increase can be observed in the customer visits and sales leads. Besides, with the popularity of the website, further improvement can be achieved in search engine rankings. Website optimization procedure ensures long term positive results, through maintaining the same ranking positions. You don’t have to make any additional investment either.

Innovative Techniques to Achieve Better Website Rankings

Significant website optimization services include:

• Research of keywords
• Competitive analysis
• Creation of website content
• Optimization of HTML codes
• Creation of Meta tags
• SEO copywriting
• Building of links
• Directory submission
• Search engine submission
• Blog creation
• Article submission
• Pay per click advertising
• Regular monitoring of website
• Maintenance of ranking reports

Cost-effective Services to Accomplish Your Business Goals

Without using proper search engine placement services, it would be difficult for you to achieve your unique business goals and targets. Therefore it is ideal to obtain the assistance of an SEO firm for the best natural SEO services. For providing reliable and cost-effective website optimization services, there are several professional firms active in the field. Select the firm which can ensure solutions that will help you achieve enhanced visibility in search engines, by sincerely considering your business goals and budget limitations.

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Content Writing for SEO Websites

Currently, your website has become the most crucial component for promoting your business online, and therefore web content is very significant. Unlike any other type of writing, content writing for SEO websites need to be fresh, relevant and unique.

Make Your Business Expand through Words

To attract the maximum number of visitors, it is essential to keep your web content interesting, easily comprehensible and useful. Readers, who peruse the short, crisp and simple content on your website gets the required impression regarding your products and services. Search engine optimized website content helps to make your brand more visible and thereby promote your business. It helps your business to establish itself and expand by

• Improving search engine ranking
• Increasing organic traffic
• Enhancing sales conversions

Copywriting - Optimize Your Site

Captivating and appealing websites are developed by mixing relevant and high quality keywords in the content, which leads to higher ranking in popular search engines such as Alta Vista, Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Keeping your target audience in mind, the SEO copywriters develop new SEO friendly content or optimize the existing content for general websites, blogs, articles, press releases and many more. To optimize your content, the professional writers:

• Do intensive search by analyzing your target market and competitors
• Describe your service in the best words following a consistent style throughout the page with apt keyword density
• Present information in a logical and convincing way
• Do site structure with relevant links and make it easily navigable
• Convert pages to HTML

Enrich Your Website with Quality Content

Today, there are many SEO companies offering top-notch copywriting service for optimized websites. These providers have experienced and talented copywriters, who convey valuable information utilizing a blend of powerful, strong, persuasive and motivating words. When you need the service of copywriters to maintain a leading position on the World Wide Web, choose the best professional help available in the market.

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How to Execute an Effective link Building Campaign with Guaranteed Directory Links

Link building is no easy task but if you want to optimize your website for users and the search engines then this is a task you should not avoid. In fact, many SEO specialists and consultants consider that link building is in fact what SEO is all about and with due reason because the more links you have the more traffic your website will get and the higher your sales will go; if you are selling something on your site that is!

By now you should know that there are several types of backlinks, there are reciprocal, one way, there are three-way and so on. In a nutshell, reciprocal links are those created after 2 webmasters agree on placing links to each other's site and because reciprocal links can be used to artificially influence the search engine result pages; search engines such as Google and Yahoo have devaluated these links so the best and some will say "the only choice" is to go with one way links.

One way links are harder to get because you can't enter into a direct agreement with webmasters to get them (for the most part) - Instead people who get one way links to their sites get them in a more natural way because those who place the links are placing them in relevant pages. One way links can be created in forums during conversations, in web blogs where people discuss a particular topic and in many other places. As you can see there is a higher level of quality when it comes to one way links which is why they are given more weight by the search engines.

The problem with link building is that you need to get really creative in order to get these precious assets because if you can't enter into an agreement with hundreds or thousands of webmasters to give you these links you will obviously not see any benefit from this information. There is however, several proven ways to generate backlinks and the one we are going to talk about is "directory submission"


These so called "directories" have been around for a long time and as a matter of fact, Google is deeply intertwined with DMOZ which is one of the oldest human edited directories. Directories are important to the search engines because they often "feed" new links to them where original content can be found, this fact triggers a constant inflow of web spiders to there we say "invade" web directories in search for new content.

So at this point you should be thinking, lets incorporate directory submissions in our SEO efforts and so you shall if you want to get anywhere but you will soon realize that directory submissions are not guaranteed, this means that most people who offer these services can't guarantee hard links because for the most part they are just throwing your URL in categories which might not be the most relevant thus causing your URL to get declined by editors.

So, where are we going with all of this? - Basically if you want to run an effective hard link building campaign you should look for Guaranteed directory links instead of just services that offer directory submissions because you won't know whether or not your URL is being approved by directories. With guaranteed directory links your ROI will increase and you will be running a more effective campaign as you will soon realize that when it comes to the web, links are a currency.

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Affordable Website Promotion Services

For small businesses and home entrepreneurs, affordable website promotion services are of great help. This is a time when people try to find info about anything under the sky, right at their finger tips, just by a double click of the mouse. This is the reason why businessmen nowadays create websites of their own so that all information about their products and services can be posted and made accessible to the public. With tight competition prevailing, it’s truly hard for budding businesses to stay ahead, without a search engine optimized website. Search engine optimization can be effected through reliable SEO companies that provide website promotion services at affordable rates.

Simple Methods of Website Promotion

Website promotion has become easier and more affordable with the utilization of innovative techniques. Easy website promotion methods by submitting in various search engines, directories and websites can be adopted. PPC or Pay per Click marketing is becoming increasingly popular these days. This is an ideal means to draw more traffic to your site within a limited time. Link building, content development, domain development and blog marketing are some other methods you can take up to get more exposure for your business. However, affordable website promotion services offered by SEO companies include, but are not limited to:

Strategic planning
• Designing and maintenance
• Creating flash animated ones
• Creating professional appearance with keyword rich contents and ads
• Site uploading

Purpose of Affordable Website Promotion Services

For blossoming business firms, it is important to reduce the expenses involved while implementing methods to improve business productivity. Companies and businesses that don’t have enough marketing budget can depend on affordable website promotion services. You can produce more revenue, reach and inform more people, communicate with global clients, and sell your products with minimum marketing expenditure involved.

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Why Link Building Is So Important In SEO

The process of link building is not just one of numerous SEO strategies that are employed on the World Wide Web today; in fact, it is crucial to the success of any website trying to compete in the technological age. Even if you have no other SEO methods in place, your site should at least work on building a reliable base of back links.

Why Are Back Links So Important To The Success Of A Website?

For starters, having relevant, reputable sites linking back to a site is one indication of the success and popularity of that site in the eyes of the general online public. And as long as these incoming links are from a quality source then the website’s page rank will improve, thus improving its location within online search results, as well.

What Defines A Quality Back Link?

There really is no true definition or standard to be used in determining whether or not a site can be considered high quality – you’ll just have to use your best judgment on this one, as well as a little bit of trial and error. The more popular and well-established sites will obviously be of the highest quality, though it can sometimes be difficult getting your link posted with them.

You’ll also want to consider the relevance of the websites that are providing you with back links, too. If these sites have content that is similar to yours then they are likely to be more beneficial when compared to some random, off-topic website.

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On Page optimization

Tips for Seo optimization

The World Wide Web is a competitive industry in and of itself; with so many companies eager to take the leap into the 21st century, the internet has become littered with websites. And that’s where the SEO specialist comes in; one who not only knows what users are searching for on the internet, but who knows how to capitalize on these trends in order to help a website reach its fullest potential.

Depending on the type of website in which you are implementing SEO, there are several different strategies you may wish to use. If you’re developing an SEO campaign for a highly competitive business, there are several things you should keep in mind.

-Watch the competition closely. If another site is more successful at one aspect of SEO or another, don’t be afraid to borrow some of their ideas.

-Instead of keywords, you may want to focus on key phrases. Also, in order to help with local searches, make sure to include the name of the company and its location in the web content you are creating.

-Keeping the site’s content updated. The more content that is out there means that ultimately more people will see your site. Keeping this content updated with fresh material will keep web users coming back for more and improve the site’s page rank at the same time.

-Establish a link base with your competition; this works especially well if you are able to provide lower costs or an overall better service than them.

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How To Create SEO Content For Large Corporations

How To Create SEO Content For Large Corporations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a personal blog, website, or local business is one thing; it is an entirely different endeavor when it comes to creating optimized content for a large corporation. These companies have tremendous budgets, and they’re willing to spend – as long as you can produce results. The key here is conversion rates – if your content simply isn’t turning visitors in customers, then your SEO services are nearly useless. And if it’s a large corporation that you are working with they won’t hesitate to replace you. With that in mind, there a few solid tips and techniques to keep in mind when designing optimized web content for a large corporation.

-Do your research. This is true not only when it comes to keyword research for the actual SEO, but for the actually company that you are working for and the products or services they provide. The better you know a corporation, the easier your SEO job will be.

-Analyze any previous data that is given to you, and use it to make improvements to their web content.

-Establishing links with other companies is something most large corporations overlook for one reason or another, but just like with small sites it can be an extremely helpful SEO strategy.

-Keep yourself educated on all of the newest trends in SEO, and don’t be afraid to promote ones that you believe in. Because the world of SEO is constantly changing and evolving, you’ll need to keep up-to-date in order to stay ahead of the competition online.

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Three Ways to Raise Ranking in Search Engines

SEO Secrets - Is SEO Just A Scam?

In today's world of Internet marketing, a website will either be a success or a failure based on whether or not the site was built with SEO in mind. So are there really any SEO secrets?

The fact of the matter is that when someone is searching for something on the Internet they will use search engines such as Google. Properly optimized sites allow search engines to find your website on the Internet. Without basic search engine optimization your ranking will be horrible or not exist at all.

PortalFeeder Seo Tips

Before someone can begin giving you their SEO services, your website must be carefully analyzed. There are several ways in which someone can analyze your site. The first way is the functionality of your website to work with SEO for search engines.

This mode will check for keywords within your website, check HTML code, and also check to see if you have meta tags. It will also check to see if your website provides a user friendly environment.

When building a website you should carefully consider who you want to target and who your audience is. Depending on your audience, you may want to change how you are promoting your website or product.

It is important to use the appropriate key words that will apply to your target group or audience. It is important to pick keywords that really hit home with your target audience.

The next part of process is analyzing what your competition is doing. You should check to see who of your competition is ranked high, and if they are, what they did to get ranked so high.

Keyword Research

After you complete these first steps, you must plan out a way in which you can improve the SEO on your website. The first part of planning this out is deciding which keywords are the most relevant to your website.

The best way to do this is to look at your target audience as well as the service or product you are providing to your target audience. Your keywords are the most important part of the whole process.

Once you have selected your keywords, you must reorganize your website. In general three to five percent of your website should contain keywords that you previously decided on.

If you put too many keywords on your website it will confuse users and will turn them away from your website! Many search engines will even pick this up as spam which will lower your rank!

SEO Tips

There are other ways to optimize your site besides the content that is actually visible. When coding your site and creating meta tags you should also keep your keywords in mind.

Creating links back to your website will also help significantly when trying to improve your ranking on the search engine. One-way links will help a lot even if another site does not link you back. It will help your cause to put links on your site to other sites that share the same keywords.

At the same time, reciprocal links will help much more then single way links will. If you can get the link to your website on a directory website it will also help a lot.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is by submitting articles. Submitting articles will raise your ranking on the search engine and at the same time aid in bringing in more traffic to your website!

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Seo Creations - Secrets Of Seo At A Low Cost

A couple of years ago, there was quite a stir on the internet over some free videos released by Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon called Going Natural about Search Engine Optimization.

Going Natural was basically some videos showing how a couple of web sites selling wedding favors were pulling in about $16,000. a day by organic search. They also showed scientific studies how pay per click (PPC) ads only gets a fraction of the traffic and clicks received versus sites which appear in the top 3 positions of organic search results.

The videos were hyped by many established internet marketers with a combined mailing list of over 940,000 people. Even the Rick Jerk was getting into the action, taking credit for Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon's success by claiming that he taught them much of what they know which has made them successful. The video series and hype continued for the entire month of September 2006 with a new free video being released about once a week.

This was butterfly marketing at it's finest! And the cliff hanger was the scheduled opening of a new membership network called StomperNet, where members could learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Secrets revealing how among other things to get their sites in the coveted top positions of the big 3 search engines; MSN, Yahoo and Google. But the price.. everyone wondered how much this membership would cost?

I thought it would probably be something reasonable.. about $97.00 per month. Well, about a day before the grand opening, the price was finally revealed.. a whopping $797 per month! Wow, I could hardly believe such a high price for membership. That's about what most people spends a month for their house payment!

What was even more unbelievable was emails I received on the day of the grand opening from Andy Jenkins indicating that when StomperNet went online, they had 50 people join in the first 30 seconds and that the membership was sold out in a matter of hours.

There are 5 keys that you need to keep in mind when it comes to search engine marketing and campaigns.

The first step is to do an analysis for search terms that your target audience is using when using search engines. These search terms, keywords and key phrases, are the foundation and platform for web content development and search engine marketing.

The second step for internet search engine marketing is to make sure that your website is full of high quality information. Content is king and the more high quality content you provide, the more traffic pulling power you will have with the search engines.

The third step in internet search engine marketing is to optimize your website content via search engine optimization strategies. Without this, developing a targeted search engine marketing campaign would be a shot in the dark.

The fourth step for internet search engine marketing involves the submission of your website URL to many of the search and web directories online.
Online marketing is not the same as offline marketing. There are some key points like contextual links, social bookmarking, that you have to observe when selling your wares on the internet marketing. If you are apprehensive about doing SEO on your own, quit worrying and let the experts do it.

Three Ways to Raise Ranking in Search Engines

Ask any business person whose website is at the top of the search engines if his/her site is making money, and the answer is almost always "yes".

1) The fact is, search engines can get you an enormous amount of traffic, and its traffic to your sites that are free or visit www.seo-prediction.com. However, in order to ethically and effectively market in the search engines, you need to use strategies that actually work.

Below are three different ways to effectively, and ethically, raise your rankings in the search engines.

1. Optimize your site.

To make sure that you are properly targeting your market, you need to make sure that you are marketing using the right keywords. This means optimizing your site to make sure that the keywords you have on your site are the keywords that your site is actually optimized for.

There are two tools that you can use to help you with search engine optimization:

A. Search Engine Optimization Fast Start E-Book will teach you simple and effective techniques for optimizing your site. This e-Book is now in its 4th edition, is completely up to date, and is one of the best e-Books I've seen on search engine optimization.

B. Web CEO - This is a complete search engine optimization suite that offers 10 different tools to help you optimize your site for the search engines. It offers the most comprehensive, and step by step, set of instructions I've ever seen with any software package. The free version of this software will work for most, and it also includes a $97 search engine optimization course as part of the package.

2. Develop a linking strategy.

One factor that influences how well you are ranked in the search engines is linking. The more inbound links that you have pointing to your site, the higher you will be ranked in the search engines.

For each link that you have pointing back to you, that's another opportunity for your potential customer to find you. With credibility being such a big problem on the internet, to have someone recommend you increases your chance of making the sale.

3. Develop a content strategy.

The truth is, "Content is King". Most people online are looking for information. The more information that you provide for your customers, and the more valuable it is, the more likely you will make the sale.

Below are three different ways to develop content for your site.

The first and most effective strategy are articles.

Articles actually work for you in several ways.

a. Brands you as an expert so that customers come to you.
b. Provides valuable content to your potential customers.
c. Builds a relationship between you and your potential customers.
d. Creates a viral marketing strategy for your site.
e. Builds a linking strategy for you every time a webmaster publishes one of your articles.

2) Finally, to keep abreast of what's happening with search engines, you need to subscribe to Search Engine Watch - This site offers tons of resources, news, and a newsletter on search engine optimization for more help visit on www.the20seotools.com, Apply one, or all, of these search engine resources to your search engine strategy, and you can expect a major increase in your traffic and sales to your site. If you want to effectively market your website in the search engines, these free tools are the best for helping you raise your search engine rankings.

SEO On-page Factor For SEO

On-page optimization is the most important and complicated parts of SEO optimization. This helps a website to get their required search engine ranking through their keywords. This article grounded on some great tips which should be maintained while going for on-page optimization on your site.

Any kind of search engine score of your website which helps you to increase your page rank or the search engine ranking of your keywords will only depend on the on-page optimization of your website. Mainly it is viewed that the on-page factors of your index page sets the rankings of your keywords.

On-page optimization is often forgotten these days, as we focusing more and more of our time in getting inbound links with targeted anchor text. On-page optimization, however, is something you can do quickly to give yourself an extra boost in the SERPS.

There are a great list of SEO Techniques for on-page optimization that are considered in the search engine evaluation process. These factors accept but are not limited to: words in the web page url, title tag, meta tags, headlines, sub headlines, keyword density, words at the starting of the page, page content, words that are bold, words in the links, site navigation, the Website structure of links and a number of other considerations.

On-Page Optimization Tips:

A. URL Naming:

If possible try to place your prime targeted keyword as your domain name, if not just include your keyword in the url.

B. Title Tag:

Place Your Keywords in Title Tag, place in first words after that you can using another words to attract the visitor

C. Meta Descriptions:

Not many search engines use the description tag any longer, but it's best to set it properly just in case. Put your keywords in the first beginning of the meta description, and make your meta description attract visitor yo tour website.

D. Meta Keywords :

Yes many search engine do not count meta keywords anymore but fewer search engines utilize the keywords tag, so use meta keywords is still have value to rank your site in couple search engine

E. Use ALT Text to Image Optimization :

Crawlers are unable to see images. Thus Optimize this images with suitable contents using Alt tags which reflects your targeted keywords,

F. Static URL:

Remember that all of your important pages should have short and static URL.

G. Use Headings :

Use the h1, h2, and h3 heading tags to define your important subject sections, and put your keywords at least once in each heading style.

H. Validate the HTML :

Use the W3C HTML validator to validate the HTML of your page. Very few HTML faults will cause a web page not to rank well in the SERPS.

I. Robot.txt:

With robots.txt file you can limit access of search engines to your website. Check that robot.txt is necessary at your website with apposite crawler notifications.

J. Sitemap XML :

Create your XML sitemap search engine using xml sitemap to crawl your pages.

K. Keep Your Body Text Readable

Use your keywords in the body text, but keep your body text readable. Don't drywall stuff drywall your drywall keywords dry wall into your drywall text until it is unreadable by humans.

L. Internal Link

Build internal link between related post

M. Check Keyword Density

Check your keywords density in your webpage, for optimize your keywords not less or more than 3% density

On-page search engine optimization is the first step towards achieving good search engine rankings.

YouTube Insight for SEO Experts

YouTube has become a household name and having a popular video on this site can be a powerful marketing tool or a complete waste of time and money. It’s all depends on how you go about it. SEO companies and internet marketers have been trying to find the right angle to employ video, as a growing online medium to launch and grow their campaigns.

A bit like with everything, it’s all about how you use the data available to you. Until recently I used TubeMogul to streamline my video distribution, but more importantly it was the only tool that would give me comprehensive statistics on my audience. If you haven’t used this tool before visit http://www.tubemogul.com and sign up for an account and have a browse.

Now YouTube features their Insight option which reveals a wonderful plethora of information about your visitors and their behaviour. Whether this is a response to TubeMogul’s features is irrelevant but what is important is the information that they share with us. The tool is essential split up in to four distinct sections.

Let’s start from their overview dashboard or as they call it “Summary”. This view features an executive summary of all relevant information such as: Views, My Videos, Demographics and Popularity. Pretty simple and to the point, as always is with Google’s products.

The “Views” option shows how many views all your videos were getting in a historical graph timeline. This is pretty useful if you wish to see cumulative popularity of all published material.

“My videos” section displays the percentage value popularity breakdown of all videos in form or a simple bar graph. This one gives is a fairly good idea on the effectiveness and popularity of each individual video we’ve published.

The view that is particularly exciting is the “Demographics” which reveals the age and gender breakdown of all viewers.

And finally the “Popularity” option shows the geographic popularity of your videos relative to those of other video publishers. This view is simply represented by the world map coloured in different shades of green.

All of the dashboard features described above can be modified by date range and country using the two drop down menus at the top and provide further information detail once you actually select the option from the top tabs. Once you select an actual video, YouTube reveals even further detail from which two of the most exciting are the “Discovery” and “Hot Spots”. The first one breaks down the referring sources which is pretty handy to have, but the second one is a really pleasant surprise.

“Hot Spots” page features an interactive timeline of audience’s excitement level and attention during your video. The red position marker tracks the graph in sync with the video. The two play side-by-side. Apparently the information is relative to videos of similar length and derived from user behaviour such as exit points and rewind spots. The ups and downs are represented by Hot-Cold scale and just like everything else in the Insight this feature and its information are very intuitive and easy to follow. What this leaves us with, is a powerful tool in hands of SEOs and video marketers. Let’s see what we can come up with.

Seo Tips For Top Ranking in Search Engines

Any SEO firm will tell you that keyword research and identification is a major factor in their optimization strategies; that much is a no brainer. But knowing where to place those keywords can be a little trickier. Here are some tips you can use to help you know where to place keywords and phrases in your webpage:

• Title Tags:
The title tag is a great place to add your targeted keywords. The text inside the title tag displays as your page’s title in the search engines’ results. The title tag should be no more than 6 or 7 words, with the keywords appearing at the beginning of the tag.

• Anchor text:
Anchor text links are ranked as very valuable to search engines, so plenty of them should be in your web pages. The most powerful anchor texts of all are those whose text contains targeted keywords. Each click on an inbound keyword anchor link will count as a vote of that keyword to a search engine’s rankings.

• Heading Tags:
Adding keywords in heading tags (H1, H2 and H3) is as beneficial as putting them in the page title. Do not use words like “and”, “for”, “the”, etc. as they are ignored by search engine spiders. Try to make best possible use of this place in your website.

• URL:
Including targeted keywords in your website’s URL is helpful from an SEO perspective. Also be sure to use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in your URL to separate text.

• Meta tags:
Although Meta tags are no longer recognized by Google, they are still helpful for other search engines like Yahoo and MSN. If you are optimizing for other search engines, it’s a good idea to place some keywords in Meta tags.

• Alt tags:
Search engine spiders are unable to read images or graphics. If you have images in your web pages, then make sure to include several top targeted keywords in the ALT tags. Be careful not to “stuff” the alt tags with too many keywords, however, or your rankings could be dropped.

• Website Body:
Strategically “sprinkling” keywords throughout the body of your website is ideal. All pages should contain at least the top 2 keywords that you are targeting, and all articles and other content should be peppered with various targeted keywords as much as possible.
Using this short list to help you with your keyword placements will surely benefit your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Packages For Top Ranking

We are the place to come for free information about search engine optimization and the Internet marketing, online marketing industry. Since search engine optimization (SEO) is not an exact science, there is much room for thoughts, research, in discussion, observation, anecdotal evidence and opinion in this field. Search engine optimization has been a boom industry in recent years. The overall message boards reflect that the professionals have much to say about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search engine optimization (SEO) or Organic Search is the art of placing your website in the first few pages of a search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, Altavista for a strategically defined set of keywords. As the fastest growing vertical in online organic web searching as well as pay per click, lots of peoples are now started to recognize the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO) can increase organic site traffic. You can say regional search, it's basically geographical targeting your audience when they search for a particular thing with keywords.

Local search engines works best for the service providers, or a retailer that has number of locations. The person who reaches your site on web will be a more targeted visit and most likely ready to convert in conversion.Another thing is that in local search is that for sites that are well optimized also get their rankings in mobile search also?

SEO is an online resource for online marketing, organic seo research. We have a reviewed a number of directories for Search Engine Optimization SEO companies, SEO Consultancy providers, Online or Web marketing companies in India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK and all over the world. Each Search engine keep in their database that from how long time your website & domain have been on the web. You can purchase a new domain and do 301 redirection to your old domain to the new one, but best way is to use the existing domain/website if possible. If you are starting from scratch or redesigning your domain and you use a new domain name for some reason, you must be rady for losing some search engine traffic.

A list of most relevant keywords phrases for your site, and choose a few different ones for each page. Never shoot for general keywords such as "flights" or "holiday," as they are rarely indicative of what your site is. Are people looking for perfumes for their status? Always look for keyword phrases such as "preschool toys.") Or are they more likely to be seeking specific brands of perfumes? Most likely, your keyword research will tell you what people are looking for perfumes in many different ways.

If you have only sequence of menus to choose a category, the search engine crawlers will never find those resulting pages. Note that HTML links do NOT have to be text-only links. As the search engines can follow image links. Read our Copywriting Combo for exact tips on how to use it correctly. You can go & get hundreds or thousands of links, but if your site is not good, why anybody want to link to it? On the other hand, if your site is well designed, informative, other sites will naturally link to it without your even asking.

SEO optimization

We all know that SEO optimization is not an easy task and we do not have any particular guideline for SEO optimization. But people like us who have been associated with this industry for many years know that SEO generates a cumulative effect to get ranked.

As we are associated with this field we maintain regular basis reports for our SEO optimization work and from this reports we can calculate that which types optimization policy give us our required juice and which don’t. We collect those fruitful policies and maintain them while searching for new policies.

“There are few people in this world who makes the simple work is very lengthy and complicated” - Albert Einstein

Yes, these golden words are very true for few SEO peoples who are applying same promotional strategies for different business themed websites. They do not have much time to understand the requirement of the business market and thus they don’t able to separate the SEO strategies to promote different kinds of website. Say for example, the work strategies to promote a real estate website should not be as the same strategy to promote a web design themed website.

Thus it is viewed that sometimes it is very cumbersome to get ranked for several sites. Although in case of on-page optimization the following SEO services are recommended because this will be the base for any SEO optimization and this will enable you to receive effortless ranking in the various search engines. Some of those elegant as well as valuable tips for on-page optimization are as follows:

1. SEO optimization starts from domain name suggestion (if possible). Go for a keyword research regarding the business market of that site and recommend the client to choose that targeted keyword at the domain name of that site.

2. As we all know maximum web servers are based in America thus it is viewed that dot com sites easily get ranked into search engines. Thus it is always advisable to register the domain name with dot com extension.

3. All types of promotional works are reflected from the title tag of your web page. Always be conscious about placing targeted keywords at your title tag wisely.

4. After title tag we all know descriptions are displayed into search engines thus your description should be smarter and there you should maintain keyword density too.

5. Do not forget to place search engine bots correctly with adaptation announcement within header part in all pages of your website for quality ranking.

6. A “robot dot txt” page is required into the server containing those links which you don’t want to get indexed at search engines (like: links of login page, admin panel etc).

7. If canonical issue exists at your website and if you do not wish to divide your work into two parts unnecessarily, then redirect you non www domain into www.

8. Always shun from image links, flash links or java script links while cross linking among important pages within your site. Always go for text links while inter linking all pages within your site and smartly shuffle your targeted keywords into those texts.

9. Maintain keyword density into the content part of your website in an ethical manner. But remember one thing; never ever try to cross the density limit.

10. It is better to link all important pages from your main body content of your web page. Here also find out keywords from content and then link them at you important pages.

11. Properly optimize all images of any page with meaningful description of that image within alt tag where you can rotate you key phrases smartly.

12. Broken links are very harmful for website thus it of great importance to remove them at once.

13. Do not plan for any black hat technique and if they exist then remove them instantly. Because ethical white hat SEO optimization always produce top rankings.

14. Always recheck all URLs; they should not be very long in length, because search engines do not like unnecessarily big URLs.

15. If you have good numbers of pages and you wish to index them then mention them in XML or ROR site map as a feed. Place that link of that feed into index page that search engine crawlers can easily index all of your pages.

Search Engine Optimization - the key to online success

Let the search engine work for you. All this with minimum effort and that too for free. This is the best way to popularize your website online and make it a success. Having a website with products or services is actually only the first step. Aggressive marketing of the website to make it known to the world is important. This is essential to generate traffic which is the key to making it a success online. In the real world, what you would do for this is to employ qualified marketing professionals. However, in the web world the most efficient and effective marketing professional is the search engine itself.

Search engine optimization refers to optimization of the site in keeping with the requirements of the search engine. You need to draw a perfect balance between the search engine requirements and the demands of your potential clients. This requires several important steps to be carried out systematically.

Search engine optimization starts right from the domain name. It is preferable to have a short domain name with relevant keywords. This would provide you maximum leverage when it comes to getting recognized by the search engines. The next most important pre-requisite is good content. Content of your site plays a major role in search engine optimization. It is important that the content posted on the website is simple and easy to understand, interesting and also most important is being keyword rich. Keyword rich content is what lets the search engine direct traffic to your website every time a search is made. It is important that you identify keywords related to your particular niche and include them in the content. However, it is important that you do not overdo it. Considering the optimum keyword density is important. A 1-2% keyword density would be ideal. While deciding on the content for the website, it is important to write with a wider base. This would enable you to include all related keywords for which a potential customer might make a search. A great site and good content would retain the attention of visitors directed by the search engine. It is important that the website motivates the visitor to make a visit again later. Keep adding to the content of your site, this is important to remain fresh and of interest to the potential customer.

Creating backlinks is another important aspect of SEO. Backlinks can be created using a combination of techniques. Article submissions are the most popular way to create links and thus, increase traffic. With SEO techniques evolving over time making the most out of the available opportunities, social bookmarking sites, forum postings, blog comments, blog posts and press releases have come to be important and popular techniques of search engine optimization. These are tools of SEO that help to create good backlinks which in turn help to increase the page ranking of the website.

Having your website optimized is the best way to get maximum traffic from the search engines. Search engines can be major contributors of traffic to your website provided you know just how to do it. It would be best to employ the services of an experienced SEO expert so as to make the most of the available resources in a short period of time. Let the world know about you, adopt effective search engine optimization techniques.

SEO Copywriting Services (NY) New York

In today’s online world, SEO copywriting services play a vital role in determining where the site will rank in major search engines such as Google, AOL, Ask.com, and others in terms of relevant keywords and phrases. With this in mind, most of the SEO copywriting services in New York (NY) ensure strong and powerful website content to achieve high search engine ranking, and bring in quality traffic to power your online business.

Search engine copywriting services are one of the most popular services offered by most search engine optimization companies in New York (NY). These companies have excellent copywriters, who have in-depth knowledge in copywriting techniques and strategy. They can undertake challenging copywriting assignments in NY area, and provide professional quality results in minimum time.

Search engine copywriting services focus on SEO content and SEO pages. Copywriting for the web can range from informational copy, to catalog and longer sales copy. Copywriting service providers are focused on creating new web page text for targeted keyword phrases with a perfect balance of message clarity. As keywords are relevant, they should not be sprinkled in your web page text but strategically used to inform, connect and convince the search engine spiders and the human readers. A web page may include content with all necessary Meta tags including

• Title of the page
• Description tag
• Keyword tag

Therefore, well-written website content is one of the most effective optimization principles to highlight your web pages in search engines.
Copywriting services for promotional writing are available for all types of businesses and markets. As a professional website is a powerful sales tool, it helps you dramatically increase sales of your products or services to grow your business. Obviously, it improves your chance to generate new customer or client leads, retain the customers and increase your profits.

Moreover, your business can capture the market with such high-powered copywriting service. So to be successful in your business, you must have a good-looking website. This type of website will help you to speak smartly and convince your visitors enough to purchase what you offer.

As websites have become more important to companies in New York (NY), so have SEO copywriting services increased in New York. They offer various packages to get your message out to both current and potential customers in NY. They offer several kinds of search engine friendly copywriting services for websites, blogs, ezines, articles and pay per click advertising to develop and maintain the customers’ websites in a unique way. Based on your need, choose an excellent
search engine optimization copywriting service provider for the long term growth of your business.

SEO Company They Optimized Your Site

Apart from the natural degradation of the search engine ranking, there is another factor that radically changes the search engine results. Search Engines rank the websites based on some specific criteria that are unique to search engines. These parameters are called search engine algorithm and this is not a constant thing. From time to time search engines make changes to these parameters and whenever this type of changes are made, there is a radical change in the search engine ranking. To overcome this problem, you need to hire a professional SEO company, who will keep a watchful eye on the recent trends of the search engines and do regular changes to sustain the search engine rank.

If you want to make profit from your online venture, staying alive in the mind of your customers is very important. A top rank at the search engine will take your business to potential customers. When your site stays at the top rank, you get repeat customers and that is crucial to make a long lasting relationship with them. It will effectively increase traffic your site and build brand equity for your business. To do that you need to keep the rank of your website constant and without a continuous SEO process you can never attain that steady rank at the search engines.

There is no doubt that the business practices are fast changing throughout the world and when it comes to online business or e-commerce the rate of change is faster. It is therefore, important to keep yourself up to date with the changing time. This is also true for your SEO campaign, you need to keep a watchful eye in the changing practices of the online businesses and search engine trends. Therefore, it is important that you get year round SEO solution to keep your website at par with the industry.

Who knows this better than you? In today so business, either your grow or you vanish. You need to keep on thinking about new avenues, new products and new services.

Even if, you cannot launch an all-new product, putting the old wine in the new bottle is very important. Repackaging and making changes in the ways you present yourself, need to be changed and search engine optimization is the best tool you have got to let your customers know that you are growing, you are changing and most importantly, you always have something new to offer. With one time SEO campaign you are surely not going to benefit in this regard, you need a continuous SEO process to support your growth initiatives.

Seo : Making Website Design More Effective

For an attractive well-planned website, it is essential to be optimized properly. Well for this a web designer should be aware about SEO as well. Here are some tips that will assist in making a SEO website design more effective.

Try to make a simple design website. Do not use too many frames on page and see that the page size is not oversized. For more detail go to: www.google-friendly-page.com.In addition to this do not have too many pop up windows. Overdoing of things can irritate the customers. A simple website can be uploaded quickly and also help in easy indexing.

Each page you have created needs to be given an identity. You need to name the page. For this use the keywords that give an idea what the page is about. For instance, if site is about bags manufacturer, then page can be named depending on the material used. Say "leather bags", jute bags", "recycled plastic bags", "paper bags", etc., to name the few. DO NOT use too big names. Imagine addressing the person with a lengthy name, it's difficult to remember and secondly most of us will give a nickname, which is shorter and makes some sense. For more help visit to: www.instant-audio-mastery.com.Similarly it looks good to read short page names.

When you make a burl use hyphen rather than using underscores. The engine robots have the tendency to easily index hyphenated burls easily.

Use the unique & right Meta tags for different pages. This helps the search engine robots to index the site under the best category.

While putting the text on the page ensure a readable font and size of the text must be used. Use of minimal images is suggested. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, robots can read the text only. Use an alt tag with keyword to describe text so easily the image can be recognized. Secondly, page with too may images takes longer duration to download.

Do not forget to create an error page for your website. In case there are typo errors in URL, and then the page can be directed to the main site. Make this page simple and keep content simple that tells the user about the site better.

These are just few points one can take into consideration while developing a SEO friendly website design. You can include more features, depending on the needs of the users / search engine robots. With the experience only one can become a good SEO website design professional & become an expert SEO web design solutions provider.